Bring Your Gold

Bring your broken, damaged , scratched or outdated-fashion gold, silver and diamond to our store.You can clarify any of your questions regarding our buying and testing methods.

Test Your Gold

We used to test your metals using traditional gold testing methods, and sorted into correct karat groups which are evaluated using certified scales in front of your observation.

Cash On The Spot!

After you sold an item to us, will pay you cash on the spot.we are the highest and best true Canadian dollars prices for gold, Silver and Diamond metals to the public and business.


We can help you either way. If you want to sell we offer fair, honest valuations – often much better than you’ll get online or by mail – and we pay you the cash there and then..



Welcome to AGN Gold Buyer Toronto

Are you looking for a trustworthy place where you can sell your Gold, Silver and Diamond Jewellery and get maximum cash for your valuables? We AGN Gold Buyer Toronto are the right Buyers in Toronto to get maximum cash for your Jewellery items. So, always remember Sell Gold Toronto, Buy Gold Toronto and more importantly AGN Gold Buyer Toronto. We proudly welcome you to our Shop at 1646 Victoria Park Avenue, Toronto, on M1R 1P7. When you want to sell Gold, Silver and Diamond come to the AGN Gold Buyer Toronto. We are the specialist and have many years of experience in buying Jewellery items of different metals. We offer cash for Gold! Sell your Gold in Toronto to us. What distinguishes us from other Gold Buyers in Toronto are the honest transactions and our commitment for dedicated and efficient customer services.
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Trust and Reliability are the passion of AGN Gold Buyer Toronto and this makes us stable and we continue business successfully for 25 years in this Gold buyer industry. AGN Gold Buyer Toronto is the best Jewellery Store Toronto. Customers have trust and confidence in our pricing and selling experience for dealing in different kinds of Jewellery metals. When you come to our place, you can be confident and rest assured that you are in a perfect place of reliability and trustworthy with long traditional history in Gold Industry Canada. We do something that no other Toronto Gold Buyers will do. Among all other buyers in Canada, we provide you the highest value for the Gold, Silver and Diamond items offered by you. More importantly, we make no hidden charges for the sales. We are confident that you will get the maximum cash for each of your sale. You are sure of Cash for Gold with us.

Why Should You Choose AGN Gold Buyer Toronto

Do you want to Sell Gold items? Where can you sell Gold, Silver and Diamond items etc? How to sell these items? Remember Sell Gold Toronto. Remember Buy Gold Toronto.

  1. Genuine price quotes

  2. Gold rate per gram

  3. Cash for gold on the spot

  4. No hidden fees or extra charges at all

When you are with us we examine and outline the exact value of your valuable metals after careful comparison of the price for the metals with all other foremost competitors in Canada and then only we Gold Buyers Toronto give you our best offer in spot cash. We believe that our courtesy and promptness in dealing with you will prompt you to recommend us to your friends and colleagues as well.

When we promise to give you the best value for your jewels, doubts may arise in your mind that all your jewels which we are going to buy should be in fine condition or not. If you have such confusion, then our answer will, of course, be no. We do really purchase any metals of GOLD, Silver and Diamond which may be busted, fashion-outdated, scratched. We Gold Buyers Toronto are also used to buy any karat in any condition.

Ours is a place of reliability and trustworthy for dealing in business of this kind. Our courtesy and promptness in dealing with customers are prompting them to recommend us to their friends and colleagues. We Gold Buyers Toronto are proud to say that our sustained success in this industry is primarily because of individual word of mouth recommendation of our customers!